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FHI Heat Thermal Brush Tool Cleaning Solution

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FHI Heat Thermal Brush Tool Cleaning Solution

Product ID: FHI-STKT0001
UPC: 848618003446

Stylus Tool Cleaning Solution is a non-flammable, neutral PH thermal tool cleanser. Microbe-Powered with Bioremediation Technology it removes stains, oil residues and product buildup. This non-corrosive, non-hazardous solution is safe to use on the Stylus Thermal Styling Brush and professional styling tools.

Stylus Cleaning Brush with soft nylon bristles allows you total versatility to deep clean within the groves of your thermal styling brush as well as any of your styling tools without damaging or scratching the plates of any surface, leaving your tool totally clean every time.

Cleaning Instructions
  1. Power off and unplug the tool. Remove any excess hair from the tool.
  2. Lightly spray the nylon bristles or plates with the cleaning solution. Do not overspray. Clean the tool while it is slightly warm if the product buildup has hardened.
  3. Using the Stylus cleaning brush, gently scrub the nylon bristles or plates in a circular motion. Spray more of the cleaning solution as needed.
  4. Once the tool is clean, take a soft and slightly damp cloth to remove any excess cleaning solution.

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