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Exfolimate Single Tool Kit

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Exfolimate Single Tool Kit

Product ID: EXF-1

Say G'day to ultra smooth skin and goodbye to dull, flakey skin. Introducing Exfolimate TM - the ultimate tool to give you younger, fresher looking and feeling skin.

Designed in Australia - Exfolimate is your handy mate to instant exfoliation and pore clarification without the fuss of scrubs and loofahs that only rub the surface of your skin without actually removing the problem.
The secret is Exfolimate's innovative micro-groove technology etched into the smooth metal edge. The micro-grooves gently lift and remove lingering skin cells and debris to unveil younger, fresher skin.

Exfolimate is made to gently exfoliate the face and body and is precision designed for daily exfoliation and naturally skin clearing results.
Exfolimate transforms the surface of your skin.

Product Reviews

Average Rating: (4.4 out of 5.0)
It's a really handy tool and a cheaper alternative to spending lots of money on scrubs and exfoliators if you are breaking the bank balance too often! I keep mine out of the shower just to keep it clean and reduce the risk of rusting along the blade.

So far really liking the product! I exfoliate my calves almost every day and scrubs can be expensive and can be a hassle especially when traveling. I was excited to find an alternative that was mess free and hassle free. It does great for removing dead skin and smoothing out my legs. I have only had the product for about a week now. I haven't tried it on my face because my current daily cleanser already provides an exfoliation and you don't want to over exfoliate especially on your face.

I am very pleased with this Exfolimate! It takes a little getting use to but it's pain free yet leaves your skin feeling so soft and dead skin free! I suggest taking a long hot bath adding a moisturizing bath bomb or soak, Epsom salts and then wipe away your dead skin. This has helped my ingrown hairs on my thighs so much I only have a few every once in while now. I tried using this everyday for a week (without missing a day for that week) and YES you will 100% see results by doing it everyday. It makes your skin literally bump free so it's just so smooth. I'm so happy with it and highly suggest trying it for yourself too. I don't think anyone could have a negative experience if you use it correctly! The past month or so my skin is glowing!

Me gustaría dar mi opinión sobre un producto que llevo aproximadamente usando 2 semanas y que me ha sorprendido mucho a pesar de que no tenía puestas muchas esperanzas en él. Es el Exfolimate y es un exfoliador natural para cuerpo y rostro que se usa directamente, sin necesidad de producto exfoliante. Tiene una pequeña cuchilla (que no corta) y es la que hace el trabajo y aunque para el rostro me gusta menos y tal vez me de más reparo, aunque es algo más mental, he de decir que para el cuerpo es una maravilla y acaba con los pelitos enquistados como nada jamás en mi vida ha hecho... Lo uso a diario en la ducha y en dos semanas me ha enamorado cuando apenas tenía expectativas.. Ha hecho más en este tiempo que otros productos en años... si tenéis pelitos rebeldes es maravilloso

It's something new to try different from normal exfoliators, I have black heads on my face when used properly it lifts a good amount of them the blade is not sharp so it won't cut you but it's thin enough to help against dead skin and left over makeup. Leave it in shower for daily use.

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