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DermaNew Total Body Experience Kit (9 piece)

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DermaNew Total Body Experience Kit (9 piece)

Product ID: DMA-7960
UPC: 0839407001088

Turn your home into a spa with this complete microdermabrasion system.
  • Resurfaces entire body and the face with Medical Grade Corundum Crystals.

  • Polishes skin, sweeps away debris and addresses deeper lines and imperfections.

  • Includes Accelerated Formula Microdermabrasion Creme 60-day supply.
  • Dual Action Resurfacing Tool with foam applicators for face and body.

  • Includes Polishing Body Wash, Total Body Moisture Renewal and Callous Softening Attachment for full-body refinement.

Recommended Use:

  • Cleanse treatment area with DermaNew Purifying Cleanser. Rinse well with warm water and pat dry with a soft towel.
  • Attach the foam applicator to the Firming/Resurfacing Tool. Apply Accelerated Formula Microdermabrasion Creme to foam applicator and dot on to clean treatment areas.
  • Using upward circular movements and gentle pressure, move the Firming/Resurfacing Tool and the creme across the skin for up to a maximum of 2 minutes on any treatment area.
  • Before rinsing, gently "sweep" treatment area with a dry towel, dusting off creme and crystals.
  • Rinse treatment area thoroughly with warm water.
  • Clean the foam applicator immediately using DermaNew Foam Applicator Cleaner.
  • Use DermaNew daily for 5 days and then skip 5 days to allow skin to rejuvenate.
  • Continue using DermaNew 2-4 times per week for a personal microdermabrasion maintenance program.
  • Follow daily with the DermaNew MicroMolecular Skincare System for best results.

Suitable for these skin types: Combination

Product Reviews

Average Rating: (4.2 out of 5.0)
Great product...

My wife & I both tried it on our feet and got very good results. I think continued use will have beneficial results.

I have been using this product for a week now nd have def. Noticed a difference in my skin

I bought this after seeing Kandee Johnson's demonstration. I had been using her other technique with sugar and lemon juice and I must say the sugar and lemon juice worked a lot better at cleaning my skin and making it feel super soft. This set also did not come with the "brush" applicator, so I have ordered that from another company. The big pad applicator and the abrasive applicator have already fallen apart (under 5 uses).

Love it

love it. makes my skin feel great!

Over all I like this system because it clears and smooth out my skin. Although I bought the body experience, I only use it for my face with my own cleanser. The large foam applicator are too small for body plus the body scrub has to be applied on a clean dry skin. We have to dry our bodies after the first wash and dry the skin?!

Saw immediate results after 3 uses! Get rids of tiny bumps without irritating your skin. A good alternative to expensive treatments from professionals. Love, love it.

Love it ! Notice a change in my acne just over night,,,,,,Thank you Kandee Jognsone for doing s you tube video on this! I have been trying ot for 1 week and now I have no acne any where on my face, so I let my daughter use the smaller sponge and now she has no acne, it takes about a full week for it to work, We used it for one week solid and now we are using it twice a week, and its working.....

Great Product

Its a great product, after one use, my skin started to peel slightly, and it gives me a radiant complexion. It has sponge for the body and face , that allows you to use on your body and face.

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