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FHI Heat Runway IQ Session Styling Starter Kit
Volume, Body, Texture

Starter Set Includes:

1 Rapid Heating Base
4 Small Rapid Hot Rollers
4 Medium Rapid Hot Rollers
4 Large Rapid Hot Rollers
12 Grip Clips

Price: $339.00


What makes the Runway IQ so unique?

  • Rapid Heating Base heats each roller in only 8 seconds
  • Rapid Hot Rollers heat to the ideal temperature to lock in incredible volume, body, curls, waves and movement
  • Rapid Hot Rollers change color to indicate exactly when the rollers are ready to come out of your hair
  • Customize your own Runway IQ hot roller set with unlimited size and quantity combinations
  • Heat resistant base stays cool to the touch
Quick Tip

In order to ensure the life of your rollers, it is very important that you wait for the roller to cool down back to dark gray. It is very important that it's not clear or light gray before you put it back into the base.

Runway IQ Rapid Hot Roller

  • Self-gripping rollers are perfect for hard to hold styles and up do's
  • Both sides of the roller turn clear when the roller is hot and turns back to dark grey when the roller is cool and ready to come out of the hair
  • Each roller heats to an ideal temperature to provide long lasting results
  • Available as sets of 4 and in 4 sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large for all your styling needs
  • Use only FHI Heat Runway IQ Rapid Heating Base and Grip Clips

Grip Clips

  • Developed specifically to work with Rapid Hot Rollers to provide additional hold and support
  • Available in sets of 6 clips
  • Use only FHI Heat Runway IQ Rapid Heating Base and Hot Rollers
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